Guest Information

Cellular Phones

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is strongly discouraged at the Club for communication except for brief and respectful use

when absolutely neccessary. Use of electronic devices should not interfere with other members’ enjoyment of the Club.

When on Club property, all electronic devices must be out of public sight except for the brief times when in use, and must always be set on silent mode.

Cell phone conversations, which should be discreet and kept to an absolute minimum, are permitted at the following locations:

The Club House - The Spadone conference room

(upstairs/door closed and when not in use)

The card room (downstairs/door closed and when not in use)

The parking area

Club House tennis courts - Inside the tennis hut

The field tennis courts - The field tennis courts parking area

Pool - The parking area

Inside the guard house

Texting, which should be kept to a minimum, is permitted provided such use does not interfere with pace of play or another member’s use and enjoyment of the Club. Reading from electronic devices is permitted.

It is the member’s responsibility to inform their children and their guests about the policy.

Repeated violations of the policy will subject the member to disciplinary action by the board.

Dress Code

It is expected that members, their children and guests will be suitably dressed at all times while on Club premises. Suitable attire does not include blue jean denim pants and skirts, or T-shirts, short skirts or short shorts, tank tops, cargo shorts or bare feet. Neat attire includes wearing all tops tucked into pants or skirts at all times, with the exception for women's tops that are designed to be worn over pants or skirts. Bathing suits are appropriate at the pool area only. Proper shoes will be worn as appropriate to the activity in which one is engaged. Men are not permitted to wear hats in any of the indoor dining areas.